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I was the lead producer for the second season of The AI Effect, a podcast produced with sponsorship from Accenture about the artificial intelligence economy in Canada. The second season of the show focuses on industry adoption of AI and features guests such as Sidewalk Labs, Facebook, Toronto Mayor John Tory, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 


The loss of a child is unarguably devastating, but what happens when a mother loses a child to the prison system? While the incarceration of a loved one is devastating for all members of a family, mothers in particular bear the responsibility and blame for their child’s behaviour. Unconditional is a explores the complicated feelings of grief, shame, and helplessness that mothers go through when their child is incarcerated. Unconditional demonstrates the incredible bond between mother and child that remains unshaken, even in the most extreme of circumstances.

Episode 1: Yvonne - Annalise Nielsen
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This short radio documentary explores one woman's relationship with religion and language, and her powerful journey to finding peace. 

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One year ago my friend Steven Bain decided to live life from his car. 

This piece was produced as part of The 24-Hour Radio Race from 
@KCRW's Independent Producer Project.