Is your company or organization ready to spread your message and knowledge as a podcast, but need help making your vision a reality? Are you an individual ready to have your voice heard, but need some help getting your show made? I offer full podcast production services, from development to delivery. I am experienced in working with clients to create a show that meets their needs and reaches their target audience, while also garnering critical acclaim and ascending the charts. Services include show development, chasing down high profile guests, in-studio and in-field recording, story editing, scripting, host coaching, and audio editing. 

I am also available for tape syncs or for audio editing opportunities. 


Are you curious about podcasting, but unsure where to start? My experience leading a podcast network, fielding podcast pitches, working with businesses producing branded podcasts, and working with independent podcast producer to improve their show has provided me with insider knowledge about the podcast industry. I offer one-on-one consultation to corporations and individuals about:

  • How a podcast can benefit a business or organization

  • How to pitch a podcast (and get it made) 

  • How to develop a successful and engaging podcast that has potential for longevity

  • How to monetize a podcast

  • How to improve an existing podcast and engage a larger audience

  • What audio equipment, web hosting services, and overall production tips are best

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more. ​


I have given guest lectures at post-secondary institutions, including Ryerson University and Sheridan College. I have also run workshops about podcast production and podcast monetization, including at Toronto Women's Podcasting Network. I am available to teach adults or teenagers, and can facilitate workshops or run guest lectures. Prepared presentations include: Podcast Production 101, Storytelling Across Mediums, Podcast Monetization, Web Hosting and Podcast Distribution, and Advertising with Podcasts.